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March 2015

“My wife and I purchase a home in Kansas City while we still lived over 1,000 miles away, a risky proposition for anyone unfamiliar with the community, building quality in various areas, and market pricing. We are both perfectionists. We needed more than a Realtor who would simply fill out and pass paperwork. We needed more than an inspection that would find leaky faucets. We needed more than a cookie cutter neighborhood. We needed Jeremy!

The first thing you’ll notice about Jeremy is that he’s a super nice and helpful guy. But, the thing you’ll come to appreciate later is that he’s a real estate swiss-army knife with unique experience and skills in the buying, selling, building, and maintaining of houses.

His unique expertise in Kansas City’s building and development industry meant that he either knew who built the house or could quickly get “under the covers” to find out the quality of construction. I never understand why people often make the largest investment of their life based on a $300 inspection rather than someone who has built hundreds of homes himself and can recognize quality. Jeremy’s unique expertise saved us from doing what so many in KC do – buying a house with pretty granite but crumbling siding or an end-of-life roof. In the three years we owned our house, we spent next to nothing maintaining it because of Jeremy’s acute skill at finding quality for a good price.

He understood each neighborhood, often times telling stories of the development from start to finish. Jeremy’s historical perspective on the planned communities in Kansas City landed us in a truly unique and highly desirable neighborhood that was the driving force in selling that same house in less than a week when we left KC several years later during the height of the housing depression!”

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