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March 2015

Jeremy Applebaum did a fantastic job for us. When we were ready to sell our house, we interviewed a number of realtors and asked them each to present marketing plans for our property. Of all that we interviewed, we were most impressed with Jeremy and selected him to represent us as we felt he would do the best job at selling our house.

Jeremy followed through with everything he promised and everything we expected – and then some. Houses in our price range were sitting on the market for as long as a year. We needed to sell as quickly as possible. Jeremy worked hard to generate interest in our house and attract potential buyers. He pursued every avenue that he could think of – and more – to find new and creative ways to get our house sold.

Once we had an offer and a contract on the house, he continued to work hard on ensuring that the sale went through. Jeremy even went out of his way by helping – of his own accord – with the final touches of clearing-out the house in every way he could – without ever waiting to be asked.

Throughout the whole process, Jeremy was polite, friendly, and extremely sensitive to how anxious we were to get our house sold.

I would strongly recommend Jeremy to anyone wanting to sell their house!
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